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woensdag 30 juni 2010 0u40 | Jeronimo | reageer
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THE FUNK FACTORY (Culture Club – with live saxophone!)

If it’s funky, makes you want to laugh, jump up & down, punch someone, kick, spit, shake your ass, bite your lower lip, or evokes any kind of aural pleasure (or oral pleasure for that matter), they’re in to it. ‘Muscles from Ghent’ The JAck-L and DJ/producer VIVIAN bring you a fine blend of funky, soulful, jazzy, smokey, make-you-wanna-move- house music, feeling the need to bring something different than the allround commercial club music you hear these days. Playing with live sax performer their sets get cheesed up even more!


After almost 15 years in the game, Fonkee Monk knows how to move a crowd. He likes to play everything from Funk, Hip-hop, R&B, Dancehall, House, Electro, Baltimore and Bootybass. It just got to be funky! He teams up with Latomski, the Booty King of Ghent! Latomski is a real party dj and is known for his pumping en technical dj sets where he likes to mix various styles in one funky sound.

HOWIE DUNHAM (Howie & Linn)

Deejay/producer Howie Dunham has been deejaying for twenty years now. He started out as a true B-boy, is a connoisseur of all things hip hop but has also been into electro, house and more since the early nineties. Together with Lady Linn, he made a record that smoothly blends (nu) rave, pop, melody, eurotrance and electro in eleven upbeat dancepop songs.

TIERKRATZ (Lectrocuted)

TierkratZ is a Earthfield/Ghent based dj duo raised by sabertooth tigers. These two where founders & creators of the Lucifer – Jesus mixtapes. There trademark is funky afro-beat with a dose of harder electro/house ‘monkey’ tunes. The only thing these cowboys want you to do, is dance like you just don’t care. You will get yourself in a tropical bass jungle in a TierkratZ trip. Temprature is rising, alcohol is poppin’, musical eroticism floods… expect to start sweating!

Starttijd: donderdag 22 juli 2010 om 22:00
Eindtijd: vrijdag 23 juli 2010 om 6:00
Locatie: Suite 16
Straat: Oude Beestenmarkt 5
Stad/Gemeente: Gent, Belgium


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